Jackson Lavely - Real Estate Lawyer
5555 MyHouse Drive

Career Goals

I am striving to become a real estate lawyer so that I can help homeowners work through the legal documents that come with owning a home. Furthermore, I would be working to resolve any legal issues that may come up during anyone's stay in their home. Analyzing documents is my strong suit, so I know that I would be a good fit for this profession.


Work Experience


Name Time Location Position Title Responsibilities Contact Info
Lifeguard 7-Years Westridge Swim Club & Alexander YMCA Lifeguard Ensure swimmers are safe at all times, save distressed/drowning swimmers, enforce rules of pool, and basic maintenance of pool deck Available upon request


Time School Location Major/Degree Earned Minor
4-Years North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina Still in progress Spanish Minor in progress


Hobbies and Interests


Available upon request.